DNA extraction from fruit – Jacopo

In the Unit on inheritance a Lab was performed at home to extract DNA from fruit. Overall, DNA tells an organism how to develop and function. This complex compound is found in virtually every cell of humans (except red blood cells but this is a different story).

In this lab DNA was extracted from strawberries. A DNA extraction kit (solutions employed) was made from household chemicals . The final picture shows the DNA separated from proteins and other molecules as a long, white, fluffy string.

DNA extraction lab from kiwi – Valentina

DNA comprises the amazing and unique chemical instructions that characterize all living things, from humans to a kiwi.

Our cells may be compared to perfect machines where DNA is tightly packed in the nucleus, thanks to the help of proteins. If we observe an intact cell, we may only see DNA if we employ a powerful microscope.

By performing this lab at home, thousands of kiwi cells were broken to release and collect the DNA, Shampoo and table salt were used to remove all the unwanted molecules in each cell.

Finally rubbing alcohol was added and since DNA is not soluble in alcohol, it was precipitated as a white fluffy cloud finally visible and shown in the photograph.

DNA extraction – Emma

In this experiment I extracted a strawberry’s DNA by using materials that we usually have in our homes, such as shampoo, salt and alcohol. It’s a very short experiment that leads to a surprising result. I was very happy with what I obtained because I would have never thought that I could extract a DNA by myself.