FUNDRAISING FOR MOZAMBIQUE – March 13 to April 13th 2022

Marymount has always had at heart to help others, not only in our community but also in other countries; in this case the mission we try to help in Mozambique.  This fundraising project has personally involved the students of the Istituto Marymount High School so that they could give concrete help to their peers in Mozambique. The project involved running or walking either 50 or 100 km and then get sponsors to make donations to Mozambique from relatives and friends. This allowed the students to be actively involved in fundraising, a different method than the simple donation which turned out to be even more engaging and interesting. It also helped everyone involved get a little fitter. Every Sunday a running group was organized together with the teachers in Villa Ada or Villa Borghese, which allowed us to do physical activity and at the same time create a more united school community and a less formal relationship with the teachers by seeing them outside the school environment. It was fun to run through the silent wooded paths of Villa Ada and the lively avenues of Villa Borghese always in the company of friends and professors who made the day more cheerful.

by Federico Leone 1D e matteo Del Franco 1C

Here’s my addition:Thanks to the teachers Jordan Lupo and Daniella Bortot, who themselves each ran 100 km, and who inspired the students to walk, run and ask friends and family to sponsor them. It was a great opportunity to raise awareness amongst the students of the high school about the  RSHM mission in Mozambique, and our connection with it. The 1,232 euros raised will go to funding school girls at the hostel run by the sisters so that they can attend school.A very big thank you to all students and teachers who walked or ran, to all sponsors who so generously supported their efforts, and to all for giving the school the opportunity to contribute to this year’s goal “That all may have life.”