Last year, despite COVID challenges, all 3rd graders (and one 4th grade class) participated in the 4th annual Climate Action Project. Education is crucial to tackling climate change because shaping students’ behavior is key to transforming society’s mindset. Through project and problem based learning our students became more aware of environmental issues and brainstormed about how to make changes and find real solutions to these problems. The children were enthusiastic and passionate because these are serious global issues that will have a long-term effect on their lives.

3B concluded last year’s project by writing a letter to President Mattarella, asking for help in spreading the news and to other students in Italy so they can learn about the importance of studying Climate Change. They did not receive a reply to their call for help, so they decided to take another step… by doing so they reached children all over Europe!!

In June Cartoon Network in conjunction with WWF launched a special program on their website. It is designed to inspire kids ages 6-12 to take on daily challenges to help protect the environment. This regional effort is available in 20 countries and 18 languages. Cartoon Network collaborated with a team at CNN to feature young climate advocates – Climate Champions. They interviewed students from 3B to create informational videos that highlight eco-conscious efforts being made to make an impact. The video highlights how our students have worked hard to improve our school’s approach to sustainability and to help the earth.