In October 3B participated in a global project for Climate Action. During this student-centered project, we embraced 21st Century learning skills to discover Sustainable Development Goals. We escaped our traditional classroom barriers and connected with students around the world. Throughout this project the students worked together in groups. They collaborated through research, brainstorming and discussion; then they created posters and videos and invited an expert to present. The students acted as journalists and shared their discoveries with other classes. They even created a rap song and choreographed it to produce a video.

Week 1: The first week the students focused on the causes of Climate Change both locally and globally. The students broke into groups to investigate: Pollution, Extreme Weather, Ice Caps Melting, Oceans Rising, Deforestation and Endangered Animals.

Week 2: In the 2nd week the students focused on the effects of Climate Change locally. They invited Francesco La Camera, Director General for Sustainable Development, Climate and Energy of the Italian Ministry of Environment and Protection of the Territory and Sea- Italy to our school and conducted an “interview”. They discovered that water is the biggest problem Italy has in the climate challenge and another big problem is the weather. 

Week 3: This week they focused on solutions for the Climate Change. Their first action was to stop using single-use plastic water bottles (a big problem in Italy) in our classroom. They want to take it one step further and try to convince other students in the school to do the same. 

Week 4: Our final week the students resolved to take action through Skype calls. We connected with several classes around the world: Israel, India, and Romania. Students from both classes exchanged ideas and we even experienced empathy for countries in more difficult conditions. The students then wrote a song and made up dance moves to create a video for Global Climate Day

3B worked very hard but had so much fun learning about important global issues that will have a long-term effect on them. They concluded the project by deciding to continue this real world problem-solving by carrying out an investigation on how we can make Marymount greener and reduce our carbon footprint. 

After learning about Greta Thunberg and her commitment to #climateaction 3rd graders spontaneously prepared posters for the #fridaysforfuture #climatestrike. They were determined to #takeaction and share their passion about the environment with others at school and home to do their part to #saveourfuture. They continue in their endeavor to learn about sustainable development goals and work towards helping to save our planet


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