Who is a leader and What are the leadership skills required to become a great leader? Many people today aspire to be leaders but only a few question themselves on the real meaning of this word.

Mrs. Monica Terra, the secondary school principal is responsible for the Marymount Network projects and explains that this year 6 students from middle school and 2 from our new high school participated in the RSHM Student Leadrship Retreat in Paris, from September 27th to October 1st, focused on “Educating and learning for a peaceful world”. Our 8 students were chosen by their classmates at the beginning of the school year to represent  the school.  They were asked to choose students that  they thought had  the necessary leadership skills.

In Marymount School Paris all the students participating had the chance to, share with each other ideas and experiences on what it really means to be a leader today, in this difficult Globalization Era. All students agreed that the experience was extremely positive and gave them ideas for reflection and action.

Flaminia:” The leadership experience helps build your character, helps you think differently and teaches you to be responsible and to be a good example for your peers.”

Diletta: ”It is something that enriches you now and for the future. It sharpens your capacity of listening to others”.

Giulia: “In all the activities proposed we had the possibility to get personally involved to experience directly what  it means to help others. For example we prepared and distributed meals for the homeless.“

Lisa: “While sharing our experiences with the other Marymount we also learned more about our school history.”

Elena: ”We had the possibility to reflect on what we can do to improve different aspects of our school life and on what we should carry out during the school year.”

Oliver: “It was a very usefull encounter: it was challenging to put into practice our ideas and face concrete commitments.”

These students will now have the task to pass on what they have learned to the first and second grade middle school students as they live their daily school life at istituto Marymount.

Mrs. Terra confirms that all our school network projects are centred and focused on the personal and spiritual growth of each and every student.