Back to where it all began…Beziers. Where the RSHM congregation was born and the Marymount Community came to life. Beziers is much more than a dot on the map, it’s the heart and soul of a worldwide community.

There are no borders to the Marymount mission, started by Father Gailhac and Mother St. Jean in this quaint town. Their vision is still alive today and inspires all the Marymount schools.

The weeklong Beziers spiritual retreat is a time to consolidate everyone’s hard work and their devotion, offering participants an opportunity to share values, visions, and experiences.

For four of our teachers and staff members, this was their first time in Béziers and it was a rich and emotional experience. “It was extremely emotional to contemplate Father Gailhac’s relic in the crypt. We really felt connected to one another thanks to the charisma and passion of all the RSHM sisters who led the retreat.”

The retreat is an integral part of our school, reinforcing the spirit of communion that is then brought back to each individual school worldwide.