The School Mission

The Istituto Marymount is an officially recognized private Catholic school, founded in 1930. It welcomes Early Childhood, Primary and Middle School students and aims to implement the fundamentals of the order of the Religious of the Sacred Heart of Mary providing education and training based on Christian values. The school welcomes students of different cultural and religious backgrounds by promoting the human, Christian, social and individual growth of its pupils. Education is dedicated to developing the potential of each individual student, with the purpose of creating the solid foundation that will enable them to face the challenges of a changing world.

The bilingual project offers the opportunity to deepen and enhance the study of the English language, adding value to our school. The commitment of all teachers ensures that our young pupils acquire the basic principles of Italian and International culture so as to go forth into the world with confidence and competence. One of the primary goals is to form students who are well prepared and with a profound sense of religion, through the implementation of the Mission of the Religious of the Sacred Heart of Mary shared by all.

Padre J.Gailhac and Madre St.Jean

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