A highly qualifying aspect of our educational proposal is the use of state of the art technology in instruction. The study of Information Technology begins in the last year of early childhood and consists of one practical lesson a week that aims at familiarising students with the principal technological support systems, PC and I-PAD.  The new technological tools and the new multimedia language that accompanies them are fundamental components in all disciplines. Mastering them aims at developing critical thinking and a greater knowledge of the widespread social and cultural effects of their use.


    • Understand the basic elements of a computer, their relationship to each other and their application to the scientific and technical knowledge acquired.
    • Understand the use of the Internet for both research and the exchange of information.
    • Assist students in gradually acquiring the ability to use specific technological and communicative tools in order to develop their own ideas and present them accurately.
    • Assist students in acquiring the ability to find, interpret and exchange information, organise, develop, file, retrieve and reuse it.
    • Assist students in developing critical thinking and evaluation skills in relation to the information available on the Internet.
    • Create an awareness, through appropriate examples, that scientific and technological knowledge are on a par with the Arts and the Humanities- dynamic aspects of human culture in constant evolution- and contribute to forming the basis of critical thought,  overcoming the limitations of stereo types and prejudices.

In order to foster the development of digital abilities the school implements an innovative IT project, “IN CLASSE WITH I-PADS”.  Teachers and students are provided with tools such as LIM, tablets, and computers in order to elaborate a course of study that enables them to research, evaluate, save, produce, present, and exchange information as well as to communicate and participate in collaborative networks through the Internet (TIC).

“In class with iPads” is a project where the Apple tablet is used as a teaching tool. Students become an active part of their own learning process through the use of this instrument and learn how to plan, experiment, argue, defend their own ideas, learn how to collect data compare them to hypotheses formulated and complete tasks in an attempt to build on  personal and collective knowledge. 

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