Elementary School

Elementary School is composed of three sections for a total of 15 classes. Each class consists of a little over 20 students. Lessons are divided into 39 weekly units and are held from Monday to Thursday, 8:20am to 4:25pm and Friday from 8:25am to 3:35pm.
The Institute provides mother tongue English Teachers to strengthen and enhance the students’ ability in the language. Students, in 15 lessons a week including through lessons such as Science, Art, Geography and Information Technology, learn basic elements of the English language; grammar, conversation skills, listening strategies, reading and writing, all of which allows students to communicate with ease in a variety of contexts. In addition students take external language ability exams (STARTERS, MOVERS,FLYERS) held by the British Council.
The Italian Teaching program at Primary School, as in Early Childhood and Middle School follow ministerial guidelines with the exception of English which envisions higher learning objectives.

As with Early Childhood the emotional well being of the child and the development of his/her social skills are considered of fundamental importance at this age. Great care is taken from the beginning to create a welcoming, calm and serene learning environment within a pleasant and colourful classroom. The aim is to foster positive interaction among students, and between students and teacher, to facilitate conflict resolution and to create a group where each child feels welcome as a whole person and is stimulated to participate in his/her learning process.
On a cognitive level, this learning process is directed towards achieving the key abilities on which the National directives are inspired and therefore aiming at the development of knowledge and abilities that allow the student to face and solve the new, complex and difficult situations that arise in everyday life. This goal is pursued taking into account the student’s personal experience, appropriately intervening in relation to diversity, supporting exploration and discovery, encouraging co-operative learning, fostering an awareness of personal learning styles and realizing workshop like educational activities.