Vista l’Ordinanza del Comune di Roma, l’Istituto Marymount, come tutte le scuole della città, rimarrà chiuso nella giornata di lunedì 26 febbraio.
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The Vivarium Novum Academy is a place where the atmosphere of the Renaissance academia comes back to life. Walking through the doors of Villa Falconieri in Frascati our high school students were warmly welcomed. Every year the Vivarium Novum Academy hosts 40 talented students on scholarships from all over the world with the aim of deepening the knowledge of the classical culture.

The students, guided by their class teachers, were introduced to a fascinating and enchanting world where only Latin and Ancient Greek are the spoken languages within the Academy’s walls.

The academy is a connection between modern and historical times. It is based on the Hans Henning Oberg method. Oberg is a Danish Latin scholar who teaches the classical languages as living languages.

The students had also the great opportunity to listen to some chants, or “carmina,” in Latin and Greek which were arranged by the academy students.

The academy encourages not only personal growth, but also artistic and sports activities as part as the goal “mens sana in corpore sano”.

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Back to where it all began…Beziers. Where the RSHM congregation was born and the Marymount Community came to life. Beziers is much more than a dot on the map, it’s the heart and soul of a worldwide community.

There are no borders to the Marymount mission, started by Father Gailhac and Mother St. Jean in this quaint town. Their vision is still alive today and inspires all the Marymount schools.

The weeklong Beziers spiritual retreat is a time to consolidate everyone’s hard work and their devotion, offering participants an opportunity to share values, visions, and experiences.

For four of our teachers and staff members, this was their first time in Béziers and it was a rich and emotional experience. “It was extremely emotional to contemplate Father Gailhac’s relic in the crypt. We really felt connected to one another thanks to the charisma and passion of all the RSHM sisters who led the retreat.”

The retreat is an integral part of our school, reinforcing the spirit of communion that is then brought back to each individual school worldwide.

Who is a leader and What are the leadership skills required to become a great leader? Many people today aspire to be leaders but only a few question themselves on the real meaning of this word.

Mrs. Monica Terra, the secondary school principal is responsible for the Marymount Network projects and explains that this year 6 students from middle school and 2 from our new high school participated in the RSHM Student Leadrship Retreat in Paris, from September 27th to October 1st, focused on “Educating and learning for a peaceful world”. Our 8 students were chosen by their classmates at the beginning of the school year to represent  the school.  They were asked to choose students that  they thought had  the necessary leadership skills.

In Marymount School Paris all the students participating had the chance to, share with each other ideas and experiences on what it really means to be a leader today, in this difficult Globalization Era. All students agreed that the experience was extremely positive and gave them ideas for reflection and action.

Flaminia:” The leadership experience helps build your character, helps you think differently and teaches you to be responsible and to be a good example for your peers.”

Diletta: ”It is something that enriches you now and for the future. It sharpens your capacity of listening to others”.

Giulia: “In all the activities proposed we had the possibility to get personally involved to experience directly what  it means to help others. For example we prepared and distributed meals for the homeless.“

Lisa: “While sharing our experiences with the other Marymount we also learned more about our school history.”

Elena: ”We had the possibility to reflect on what we can do to improve different aspects of our school life and on what we should carry out during the school year.”

Oliver: “It was a very usefull encounter: it was challenging to put into practice our ideas and face concrete commitments.”

These students will now have the task to pass on what they have learned to the first and second grade middle school students as they live their daily school life at istituto Marymount.

Mrs. Terra confirms that all our school network projects are centred and focused on the personal and spiritual growth of each and every student.

On October 4th the 4 and 5 year old children celebrated Saint Francis of Assisi with their usual joy and enthusiasm. They gathered in the Chapel for the “ceremony of the seeds”, singing and praying togehter with their teachers. The idea of the “ceremony of the seeds” is to connect the celebration and the activities they did to our Goal of the Year: “to encourage and affirm personal growth.” The children started their work in class preparing bulletin boards where they put their names written in seeds. It was explained to them that the seeds nurtured with love and natural elements, such as water, soil, sun and air, will grow and become a lush and adult plant. In class they also listened to Saint Francis vocational and spiritual life stories which captured their interest and curiosity.


The Mid-Autumn Festival is one of the most important Chinese holiday traditions and it has a very ancient origin. Is a moment of family gathering, sharing, good wishes and thanksgiving for the harvest. There are many legends, stories and myhts surrounding the Festival and they are all centered on the element that had always had an ancestral charm on human beings: the moon worship.

In several Chinese towns decorations, dances and lighted lanterns create a magical and suspended atmosphere for one of the most touching country celebrations. Making and sharing mooncake in different ways signifies the completeness and unity of families.

This is for us an opportunity to deepen our knowledge of Chinese culture and learn and experience the most significant cultural aspects of other countries. So….


Happy Mid-Autumn Day to all of you!


In onore dell’87° anniversario dell’Istituto Marymount

“Signore, ci hai chiamato a vivere la nostra esperienza scolastica ispirata dal nostro Padre, Jean Gailhac, che ci ha insegnato l’importanza di conoscere ed amare Dio e portare la vita a tutti i suoi figli…”

Queste alcune parole della preghiera per padre Gailhac… Ed è proprio nell’edificio a lui intitolato, la palestra, che oggi gli alunni delle classi della scuola secondaria di I grado e della classi IV e V della primaria, si sono riuniti per la Santa Messa celebrata da Don Edoardo, parroco di Sant’Agnese, in onore dell’87° anniversario dell’Istituto Marymount.
Un traguardo importante segnato da tante emozioni, anni colmi di sorrisi, successi e condivisione dei valori che le Religiose del Sacro Cuore di Maria ci hanno insegnato e che con onore portiamo avanti.

“Che tutti abbiano vita”, le parole che accompagnano il nostro tempo e quello degli alunni che seguiamo nel loro percorso scolastico e cammino di vita. È a loro che Don Edoardo si è rivolto in prima persona rendendoli direttamente partecipi di questa celebrazione con domande a cui gli alunni hanno risposto con gioia.

Dopo 42 anni di completa dedizione alla scuola e alla missione delle Religiose del Sacro Cuore di Maria, Dolores è ufficialmente (e veramente!) in pensione! Un grazie per tutto quello che ha rappresentato e continuerà a rappresentare per la nostra scuola, per la sua totale disponibilità, per aver portato avanti con passione e convinzione il carisma delle RSHM, per aver toccato il cuore di tanti, grandi e piccoli e per il suo sorriso! Le auguriamo anni pieni di gioia, senza dimenticare che questa sarà sempre la “sua” scuola!


Today was the first day of school at Marymount High School! Our two first year classes officially opened the academic school year 2017/2018.
The bilingual vision for upper secondary school level has been fulfilled and thanks to the hard work of all members of the Marymount community our mission “that all may have life” is stronger than ever.

We thank the families of our high school students for their faith and trust in our educational mission and we wish all our students a fantastic new year as they strive for PERSONAL GROWTH!